Quantum Control of Electrons: Exploring Advanced Microscopy and Spectroscopy Techniques – SMART-electron Colloquium 2023

Organizers: Giovanni Maria Vanacore (University of Milano-Bicocca), Andrea Konečná (CEITEC, Brno University of Technology)

Where: Milan (Italy)

When: September 4-8, 2023

Electron Microscopy has experienced a significant paradigm shift in recent years, moving beyond the pursuit of increasingly higher resolution images and spectra. The introduction of electron-beam shaping, which involves manipulating both the phase and amplitude of free electrons, has opened new doors in the field. This novel approach offers the potential for enhanced performance and the ability to measure previously unattainable physical quantities.

By harnessing the quantum nature of electrons, researchers can implement innovative imaging methods and spectroscopic tools with advanced capabilities. The SMART-electron consortium (https://www.smartelectron.eu/) is organizing a colloquium to delve into this exciting development.

The colloquium will feature four key sessions:

1.Quantum electron optics and quantum correlations in electron microscopy;

2.Coherent electron beam shaping in space and time;

3.Recent progress in ultrafast electron microscopy and spectroscopy;

4.Nanophotonics and ultrafast dynamics of materials.

During the colloquium, participants will explore the latest methods in coherent wave function engineering and examine correlated quantum state dynamics in condensed matter and nano-photonics.

The SMART-electron Colloquium is scheduled to take place within the 30th General Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society (EPS). This event will be held jointly with FisMat, the biennial conference of the Italian community of condensed matter physics, optics, liquids, and soft matter. The conference will be hosted in Milan, Italy, from September 4-8, 2023. For more info see: https://eventi.cnism.it/cmd30-fismat.

Milan, a bustling city in northern Italy, is easily accessible by plane, train, or car. As a popular tourist destination and host to significant events like Expo 2015 and the upcoming 2026 Winter Olympics, Milan offers an extensive range of accommodations to suit various preferences.

The conference will feature five plenary talks and ten semi-plenary sessions, in addition to several parallel mini-colloquia consisting of invited, oral, and poster contributions. Special sessions dedicated to the Europhysics Prize and other topics relevant to the condensed matter community will also be organized, along with social activities to promote networking and collaboration.