The Wiki Science Competition (WSC) is an international photo contest for the sciences. It is organised by Wikimedia, that is the movement behind Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia – a global collaboration authored by volunteers.

The WSC was brought to life to encourage the creation and, especially, the free sharing of all sorts of imagery about the sciences. It takes place once every two years in November.

The WSC happens at two levels: national and international. It means that in many countries there will be a national contest with its own jury and prizes (more from here). Winning pictures will advance to the international final, and will be judged by the international jury to chose the overall winners. For countries where there is no national organising team, a second international jury will take their place and chose the national candidates for the international final: the goal is that all the photographers in the world have the possibility to participate in the competition.

Any form of support is welcome: from uploading a single image, or spreading the word about the contest, to becoming a partner or sponsor.

The Wiki Science Competition officially announced a new international sponsor for the 2021 edition: SMART-electron.

SMART-electron offers **2** special Prizes for the best image within the Wiki Science Competition contest: one for the best image in the special category “Women in Science” and the other for the best image in the existing category “Microscopy images” .

The two Special SMART-electron Prizes for the Wiki Science Competition seek to promote excellence in image craft and aim to leverage the appeal of high-impact imagery to further the visibility of both SMART-electron and Wikipedia.

The photos will be selected among all national finalists. In order to help evaluate all the entries, one person from the SMART-electron consortium (Dr. Giovanni Maria Vanacore) also joined the 2021 international jury.

SMARTelectron has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 964591.