SMART-electron Science Bash


Beatrice Matilde Ferrari, Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca (Italy)

Irene Ostroman,  Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca (Italy)


Giovanni Maria Vanacore,  Università degli Studi di Milano – Bicocca (Italy)

Two young female scientists talk about their lives as researchers at the cutting edge of electron microscopy. During this online encounter they will detail their career choices and share some of the most exciting aspects of their research. They will also highlight both the things they love about their careers and the challenges they have faced along the way.

This dialogue is organised as part of SMART-electron, a pioneering research project funded by the FET OPEN Programme of the European Union. SMART-electron aims to develop an innovative technological platform for the ultrafast shaping of electron beams in space and time. Newly-developed phase modulators will allow scientists to shape electron beams with the greatest flexibility, with the aim of probing a variety of properties in samples, achieving precious new insights.

SMART-electron is taking proactive steps to address the issue of gender imbalance in scientific research, by hosting a series of Science Bashes with female researchers.

Despite the progress towards achieving gender balance over the last few decades, women are still under-represented in scientific research, accounting for about a third of researchers globally. One of the aims of SMART-electron’s Science Bashes is to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of female scientists, and to shed light on the challenges and obstacles that may be contributing to gender imbalance in the field. 

The first Science Bash will be held at the Maria Regina High School and will feature two young and talented physicists, Beatrice Matilde Ferrari and Irene Ostroman.

By providing a platform for these female scientists to speak and be heard, SMART-electron aims to inspire the next generation of young women to consider careers in science, and to help close the gender gap in the field.


11:15 AM – 12:15 AM EDT, 

Thursday, 09 February 2023  


Maria Regina High School 

500 West Hartsdale Avenue

Hartsdale NY 10530


Local Organisers:

Mrs. Maria Carozza-McCaffrey, Principal, Maria Regina High School

Dr. Laura Ponziani, Italian Teacher, Moderator of the Maria Regina Chapter of the National Italian Honor Society

Ms. Reena Varma, Science Department Chairperson, Moderator of the Maria Regina Chapter of the NYS Science Honor Society