SMART-electron Science Café


Beatrice Matilde Ferrari, University of Milan – Bicocca (Italy)

When  Thursday 3/9/2023 Time 14.30

Where Liceo Scientifico Statale Elio Vittorini
Via Donati, 5/7 – 20146 Milan

A young scientist talks about her life as a cutting-edge researcher in electron microscopy.

During this meeting, she will describe in detail her professional choices and share some of the most exciting aspects of her research. She will talk about both the things she loves about her career and the challenges she has faced along the way.

This event is organized as part of SMART-electron (, a pioneering research project funded by the European Union’s FET-OPEN program.

SMART-electron aims to develop an innovative technological platform for ultrafast modeling of electron beams in space and time. New-design phase modulators will enable scientists to model electron beams with maximum flexibility.

SMART-electron is taking proactive measures to address the issues of gender and inclusivity in scientific research, hosting a series of Science Cafes featuring young female researchers.

Despite progress towards achieving gender parity in recent decades, women are still underrepresented in scientific research, accounting for approximately one-third of researchers globally.

One of the goals of this Science Cafe organized by SMART-electron is to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences of female scientists and shed light on the challenges and obstacles that may contribute to gender disparities in the field.

The Science Cafe will be held at the Liceo Elio Vittorini in Milan and will feature a young and talented physicist, Beatrice Matilde Ferrari.

By providing a platform in which female scientists can speak and be heard, SMART-electron aims to inspire the next generation of young women to consider a scientific career and help bridge the gender gap in the field.